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Mayan Wedding

We offer a traditional Mayan wedding ceremony for couples looking for a different, yet very special experience.  Couples searching for a cosmic union as man and woman may marry in an eloquent and emotive ceremony performed, according to traditional Mayan wedding customs.  The ritual is performed in Maya by a Shaman priest on the beach.  The symbolism of the Mayan wedding rite is explained in English prior to the actual service, to avoid any interruption to the cosmic flow itself.

Bride, groom and all guests are requested to wear simple, white or cream-colored, natural woven fabrics and are urged to go barefoot, since the ceremony emphasizes our interaction with Mother Nature.

The bride may also wear a traditional Mayan outfit consisting of a white, natural-cloth skirt and an elegantly embroidered wedding tunic, called a huipil, and a tropical flower headdress.

The wedding ceremony is accompanied by evocative music from pre-Hispanic instruments and intonations of the sacred conch shell.  Incense from the copal tree, will waft through the air.  Encircled by their guests, the wedding couple stands with the Shaman before an altar which is decorated in a floral representation of the four cardinal points.  These four points symbolize the four Mayan gods of the cosmos.  A candle in the centre represents the unity of the feminine (Mother Earth) and the masculine (Cosmic Energy), which is lit by the Shaman during the ritual as he shares ancient Mayan ideologies concerning the union of husband and wife.

The powerful ceremony is mystical, unifying and very special and will create lasting memories for the couple as well as for their guests.

Items included in quotation:

  1. Unlimited consultations via email with our wedding planner
  2. Coordination of all wedding and reception details before and on your wedding
  3. On-site wedding coordinator
  4. Shaman priest service
  5. Mayan wedding set up
  6. Floor plans of wedding ceremony
  7. Ceremonial set-up with Avant-garde white chairs
  8. Altar decorated with local flowers
  9. Wooden stage
  10. Bamboo gazebo-like structure, draped in various materials
  11. Rose petals aisle runner
  12. Green leafed cones, stuffed with rose petals for guests to scatter after the ceremony

 Items included for the bride and groom:

  1. Transfer Mérida - Eco Paraíso - Mérida
  2. Welcome Xixim Cocktail
  3. Two (2) nights stayed in our oceanfront, Master Suite cabaña
  4. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the duration of your 2 night stay
  5. All non-alcoholic beverages
  6. Relaxing massage for her
  7. Deep Tissue massage for him
  8. Candle light dinner in the privacy of your cabaña a day before or after your wedding
  9. Bottle of chilled champagne
  10. Personalized menu according to your budget and preferences
  11. Menu tasting
  12. Breakfast in bed, the day after your wedding
  13. Taxes


Items excluded in quotation:

  1. Banquet service
  2. Transfers and accommodation for guests


$3,500 USD per package per couple

valid until December 14th, 2012

Prices subject to change without notice


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For reservations please contact:

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E. [email protected]í


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